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Discover Your Power Academy


 Consultations and Life Coaching combined with Vibrational Astrology

for transformation at the 5th Dimensional level!


Proven Success  Principles 

and Practical Techniques!

Quantum Physics and 

Metaphysical Concepts!

Universal Laws!

Energy and Lightworker Techniques!

Vibrational Astrology Analysis!

Vibrational Astrology Consultations



Pythorgean Harmonics

Quantum Physics

Jungian Psychology

Online Charts and Reports

Inexpensive!                              Instant Access!                        FREE Natal Chart!

 Inspirations and Meditations

 Daily  and   Weekly!             

   Connect to Universal Consciousness.             

FREE Daily 3-5 minute  

"Improve Your Life"  Audio Message

Every audio message is unique.

Short spiritual, metaphysical discourse.

Inspirational, uplifting and enlightening.

Brief guided meditation included .

Updated Daily !

Visit Every Day for a New Message

 Connect with Higher Consciousness!

FREE Weekly Broadcasts

Inspirational Lectures


Lectures on metaphysical / spiritual topics featuring Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

 Offers exceptional insights on extraordinary and everyday topics. 

Each broadcast includes a sh ort 

Higher Consciousness meditation.

 Printable Affirmations available 

 Available for 24 hours.

Mystical Insights

with Dr. Masters


Over five decades of  research in how Universal Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives.

 His soul's fulfillment was to share how the application of his findings improve human lives.

 Dr. Masters explores these concepts and shares his realizations and wisdom with Mystical Insights.

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