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What is Vibrational Astrology?

Radically NEW and INNOVATIVE !

What Vibrational Astrology can do for you:

Shows your unique gifts and talents

so you can emphasize them

and do YOU better

Reveal specific challenges and life lessons, and 

help you resolve them  so you can expand

into your highest potential of personal success

and Soul growth and evolution.

It will show you want you came into this life to do.

In other words,

It can reveal your Life Purpose!

It can also determine the best location for you  to experience 

greater love and romance, or business and career, etc.

and forecast favorable times to optimize particular activities

according to your energetic resonance.


The ONLY astrological discipline 

that is evidence-based.

Based on scientific research methodology,

Vibrational Astrology draws from



Quantum Physics,

and the Jungian Psychology.

 As a Certified Vibrational Astrologer,

I show you how you can masterfully co-create 

this awesome, amazing expression called: 

  Your Life!


Please use the contact form below to schedule a time for your consultation."


Please indicate if this is your initial consultation or a follow-up session

Consultations are done via Zoom and can be recorded.

In the Message Box, please provide your Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth,  

and if possible, the Data Source, ie:  a birth certificate.

Don't know your exact birth time?

Please ask for a Chart Rectification in your message,

and then provide your approximate time of birth.


Vibrational Astrology Services

Vibrational Astrology Consultation


1- 1 .5 hr session


1 hr session

Recorded Zoom call

Follow-up Consultaion


1 - 1.5 hr sessions


1 hr session

Recorded Zoom call

Chart Rectification



Pre-consultation process

Chart Rectification Form

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