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Align with the Divine and Let Your Light Shine

 with Linda DeVito 

 Transformational Consultant and 

Certified Vibrational Astrologer

Inspirations and Meditations

FREE Daily and Weekly 

Inspirational Lectures/Meditations

from Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder

International University of Metaphysics

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FREE Daily 

"Improve Your Life" 

Audio Message

3-5 min. unique messages 

   Spiritual / metaphysical discourses

Inspirational, uplifting, enlightening

Brief guided meditation included 

Updated Daily !

Connect with Higher Consciousness!

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FREE Weekly Broadcasts

Inspirational Lectures

with Printable Affirmations

Lectures on metaphysical / spiritual topics 

featuring Dr. Paul Leon Masters.

Offers exceptional insights on extraordinary and everyday topics.


A Short Higher Consciousness meditation included.

Available for 24 hours.

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Mystical Insights

with Dr. Masters

FREE Weekly Broadcasts

Over five decades of research 

in how Universal Mystical Presence and psychic/mystical energy factors influence every aspect of our lives.

Learn how the application of his findings will improve your life.

He explores these concepts, sharing his realizations and wisdom.